Gunung Ijen, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
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Day 1: pick up Surabaya - Mount Bromo
Our team will pick you up in the morning or afternoon in the city of Surabaya or the city of Malang, the station, or the Hotel. Traveling To Bromo with a duration of 3 hours drive. Stop at a local restaurant for lunch. Then continue the trip to Hotel in Bromo, Chek in Hotel after that you can rest for the preparation of sunrise tour of Mount bromo.

Day 2: Bromo Sunrise Tour - journey to Ijen Crater

At 3:00 AM, we will start driving with 4x4 WD (jeep) to the most popular point of view on Mount Bromo from Tengger Kaldera. Here, we will be waiting for the sunrise and a very beautiful panorama with five Tengger crater mountains and Mt.Semeru volcano that is active in Java. Once satisfied to enjoy the sunrise and beautiful panorama we will go to the crater of Mount Bromo, through a vast sea of ​​sand that limits the walls of a very beautiful tengger Kaldera, to get to the crater of Mount Bromo we can walk or ride a horse. After that we will return to the hotel at around 8:00 am to do breakfast, bathing, and packing to continue the journey to the crater Ijen Banyuwangi, before leaving the Hotel check back your goods do not let anyone left. We will move to the crater of Banyuwangi ijen with a duration of about 5-6 hours to the Hotel in Banyuwangi. We can stop at a local restaurant for lunch and relax. We will arrive in the afternoon in Banyuwangi, when we get to the hotel you can rest for the preparation of blue fire tour.

Day 3: Kawah Ijen - Sukamade

At around 1:00 am, we will begin the journey to paltuding the Ijen crater parking area with 1 hour distance from the Hotel, we will pass the coffee plantation and rainforest. This is one of the few remaining in Java with ferns and large trees. it takes about 90 minutes to reach the top of Mount Ijen, we will rest for a while at the bundle hut there we can order tea or coffee to warm our body. after that we can continue the journey to the top of the crater of ijen approximately 1 km from cottage bunder, arrive at the peak you will enjoy stunning natural scenery with fresh air & shade on the edge of the crater at an altitude of 12386 meters and enjoy the best blue fire and panorama of sulphate lake which reflects the spectacular view on the surrounding wall. There you will find Miners sulfur descends into the crater and rises again by passing a treacherous path on the edge of Ijen Crater with a load of 80 kilograms on their shoulders. This is really a dangerous and difficult job. Here also, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery in the crater of Ijen as one of God's amazing creations. Do not forget to take pictures in this area as proof that you've visited one of the most amazing places on earth. After you are satisfied enjoy the natural scenery at Ijen Crater then we come down from the slopes of Mount Ijen, until the parking lot where our driver and vehicle is waiting. After that, we will return to the hotel to do breakfast, shower, and pack up to continue the next journey of sukamade, before leaving the Hotel check back your stuff do not let there is left behind.
At around 11:00 we will start the journey by 4x4 WD (jeep) to sukamade beach, the famous beach with prehistoric reptile (turtle) spawn, with 4 hours duration from Banyuwangi hotel to guest host at sukamade beach. When in the middle of the journey we will see the fruit plantations of dragons, rice fields, beaches. And before we enter Meru National Park we will stop for a moment to relax on the beach of rajekwesi (fisherman's beach), after you are satisfied we continue heading to sukamade pass through the rain Forest is still a lot of big trees, apes and if you are lucky you will find peacocks. Arriving at the Guest host you can relax for a while and after dinner we continue for the green turtle (mostly found laying in sukamade banyuwangi) in the rainy season but usually can be found throughout the year with accompanied by experienced ranger. Finish looking at the turtles laying us back to the Guesthost break.

Day 4: turtle drop off - drop off ketapang / station

After breakfast preparing for the turtle's child's release. Where will you be given the opportunity to release the turtle to the beach. After its done, we return to the Guest host for preparation journey to ketapang harbor.


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Days : 4 | Nights : 3


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  • Hotel
  • Jeep Car
  • Dinner at Sukamade


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